Why can’t people just let go?

So, yesterday my husband received a threatening email, two of them actually, in his LinkedIn account from the person I have previously referred to as my “stalker”. For quite some time after things got very ugly last year I have been monitoring her online activities, basically for my own protection. She was publicly posting derogatory comments and spreading lies about me, and actually using my real name to do so. I don’t care so much about the lies, that’s her world and she can live in it, but given the threats she had made toward me and my family, and our belief that she is actually very unstable, I wanted to be aware of her activities as I feared (and still do) for the safety of both myself and my children.

Well, she has apparently been monitoring all of my online activities as well. She’s made comments on my blog (which I of course don’t publish), she’s been looking up my LinkedIn profile, and so forth. In her emails yesterday she’s saying that because I was looking at her blog, she considers that “stalking” and is going to involve law enforcement because I’m a “threat”. As I’ve already spoken to law enforcement about her, and I know she is aware of that, my guess is that this is a self-preservation mechanism, but it also worries me that she’s doesn’t seem to be able to let go and just move on with her life. Will I always have to fear for the safety of my children? I feel like I’m stuck in one of those news stories you hear about that has a really bad ending – I have to be so careful to hide the location of where my son goes to school, my husband had to make his LinkedIn profile invisible because she has a history of creating problems for him on the job. She’s contacted my employer in the past, pretending to be an “upset client” and making a scene, and in her emails yesterday she has threatened to contact my employer again. I just wish she would leave us alone. We’ve already moved 1,000 miles away from her, but it’s still scary.

I’m at a loss as to what to do to stop this harassment. What would you do – any help or advice is appreciated!

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