Family – There’s Nothing Better

People say you don’t choose your family, but I disagree. Sure, there are people who you’re born related to, and they carry the label of family. For some people, this IS their family, but for some, family means so much more. I love my biological family (well, at least most of them) don’t get me wrong. I can say, however, that the family that I’ve chosen outside of my biological family is just as important to me. Those are the people who know more about me and understand me better than my blood relatives probably ever will. To be fair, that’s not my relatives fault, for a multitude of reasons, many of my friends just know me much better. Maybe it’s because I never felt I had to earn my friends approval, something I’ve struggled with my parents on for most of my life. Whatever the reason, the family I’ve chosen is my world.

I think about my husband. We will be celebrating our 5 year anniversary next month. FIVE years – I can hardly believe it! Some of the time we’ve had together has been the best of my life, and I would have to say that some of it has been the worst of my life – but through it all, if I had to go back, I’d do it all over again. We’ve been through a lot, we’ve hurt each other in the past and it’s been quite a task to rebuild the trust between us. I’ll be honest, I think there were times that we both thought about giving up, but when we talk about it today and my husband says, there’s only one place he wants to be and only one person he wants to be here with, and that’s me – I know I feel exactly the same way.

When love is real, nothing can stop it. People can try, and they did. People sought out weaknesses and tried to exploit them, sometimes successfully; but when times were tough, something kept drawing us back to each other, even when it seemed hopeless. Some would say one or both of us stayed out of guilt or obligation and truth be told, there may have been times when that was true. Looking back, I know I don’t care what the reason was, I’m just happy we made it. When I hear him tell me that he loves me more than any woman he’s ever met, and that there’s a reason he chose me and he’ll never regret it – I know I made the right choice.

As we lay in bed, our little man in between us being just adorable and as cute as any 2 year old could be. Putting his hand on mommy’s belly and saying “little brother moving mommy” – I look at my husband and it seems as thought my heart is going to burst with love and joy. This is the family I chose. This is the family that means the world to me. As I’ve said, I love my relatives, but the bond I have with my little family of 3 (soon to be 4) plus our furbaby is all that I could have ever hoped for, and so much more!

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