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9-11…Never Forget

As a huge football fan, I was anxiously looking forward to the opening weekend of the NFL. The kickoff game between the Packers and the Saints was great, and Sunday’s games looked to be just as promising. In the end … Continue reading

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Family – There’s Nothing Better

People say you don’t choose your family, but I disagree. Sure, there are people who you’re born related to, and they carry the label of family. For some people, this IS their family, but for some, family means so much … Continue reading

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Cyber-stalkers and bullies beware…

So, have I mentioned that I have a cyber stalker? Well, she’s really a total stalker, in fact when we lived in California she used to sneak up to our house at night and sit outside our bedroom window to … Continue reading

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A blog…really?

Yes, I’ve had this blog for close to a year now but I’ve never really done anything with it. Well, I guess it’s about that time. It’s been a very challenging year, but as 2010 draws to a close I … Continue reading

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